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Quality assurance

All produced parts are tested by our metrology department:

> Modern coordinate metrology machine in own measuring room

> All common measuring equipment

Profit from our Know-How

For this we offer services such as,

> CAD/CAM programming,

> Process optimization,

> technical business consulting and

> Support of our services and training of your employees

Core Competencies

Production of highly complex components for:

> Motorsport

> Prototype parts

> Mechanical engineering

We stand out with

> Fast quoting and feedback

> Express production

> Reliability

> Highest level of quality

> Fairness

Investment in a modern machining center GROB G550 Generation 2 with accuracy package 2!

Hightechschmiede Speer is a certified company afterISO 9001:2015!

On March 23th 2017, we invite you to the seminar "Klassentreffen der 5X". Organizers are, machine producer GROB, CAD/CAM producer Open Mind & WestCAM, tool representative Kadigo Tool Systems and Hightechschmiede Speer with live-milling on 5-axis processing center GROB G550!

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